Automation Options

Tech Solutions deepens your connection with your home. Our Smart Home Security solutions include interactive security, energy management, video monitoring and home automation. Installed and supported by Tech Solutions, powers an entire ecosystem of Smart Home devices, all controlled through a single mobile app. To find out more, please contact us.

Qolsys believes that technology can improve your life. From smartphones to computers, having access to information when and where we need it makes us smarter, more efficient, and more connected. Nowhere is this more significant than within the walls of our homes. We are proud to offer this great product at Tech Solutions and Power.

Introducing the next generation of premium, whole-house automation and control. URC Total Control 2.0 brings your house to life with leading-edge technology and unsurpassed performance for a truly personalized smart home experience. Let Tech Solutions and Power help you experience premium, whole-house automation and control, contact us for more information.